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Enable quicker installation and assembly, backed by life-long consistent 'Confident Close' performance, on a wide range of kitchen, bedroom and furniture applications.

The Fastest Assembly for Tall Cabinets.

The '3Way' snap-on mounting plate allows for intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions, facilitating easy door installation even in tall cabinets where 4-5 hinges per door are required.

Wide Scope.

Shallow hinge cup depth allows consistent performance across a wide range of doors from 15-26mm.

One step closer to speeding up your assembly process

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When Time is an Issue

'3Way' 'Snap-on' Mounting

  • Toolless hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions
  • Fast and easy cabinet assembly
  • Easy mounting on tall doors
'3Way' Mounting Video

Shallow Hinge Cup to Suit Every Cabinet

Wide Scope

  • For cabinet door thickness 15-26mm
  • Consistent performance on a variety of door dimensions and weights
  • Efficient stock management
Wide Scope Video

Tune Performance to Your Need

Damping Adjustment

  • Effective soft closing performance on doors of different dimensions and weights
  • Easily accessible adjustment button
  • Intuitive adjustment procedure
  • Titus damper

Consumers' Preferred Soft Closing Motion


  • Fast closing
  • Late start deceleration action
  • Quiet landing with 'SoftTouch'
'ConfidentClose' Video

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